Our mission is that every product delivers benefits you can see for yourself, whether as part of a rejuvenating regimen or an enhancement to in-office procedures.

Similar to drug trials, we use vehicle controls when appropriate to demonstrate that the active product outperforms the control. 

Pre-clinical studies are conducted to prove ingredient efficacy, and then clinical studies are performed at third-party research centers using independent statisticians to analyze the results.

Our products are clinically proven to deliver maximum efficacy on their own in addition to enhancing outcomes pre- and post-procedure to help patients maximize their investment.*

*Revision Skincare® products are not intended for use on broken skin and should only be used once skin has fully healed following your procedure. Consult with your physician before starting this skincare regimen.

3D cameras and other specialized instrumentation are used to clinically prove results

We submit clinical study manuscripts featuring rigorous statistical analysis to peer-reviewed journals and present our robust clinical data at prestigious industry conferences.

We formulate with skin-rejuvenating peptides, gold-standard ingredients like THD Ascorbate, and industry-first, patented technologies like Sunflower Sprout Extract to ensure that patients see results.

This ensures that the efficacy of ingredients is maximized throughout the skin for the most significant outcomes.

We utilize pre- and postbiotic technology to support a healthy microbiome, because only when this ecosystem is in balance can it promote long-term skin health.

The majority of our formulas have a skin-neutral pH which is optimal for skin health and for maintaining the skin barrier to protect against external aggressors.

Our formulas are designed to work synergistically so the individual benefits of every product are maximized within the skin when used together, simplifying usage in office or at home.